Festival Parallèle 11 Programme En ligne Billetterie

Sad/Bitter news : Parallèle 11 Festival won’t be able to host an audience and it is of infinite sadness.

Nevertheless, we have maintained the invitation made to the artists and suggested they produce a new object from their work, a kind of extension, a satellite project designed for the video/audio format.
These projects will therefore be shown here, added with artist portraits, conversations, interviews, podcasts, visual projects accessible to all.
We are keeping our financial commitments to the artists and run-throughs will be open to professionals from the cultural field in order to keep on promoting the distribution of the works.
Appointments will be kept for every day of the festival, between January the 24th and the 31st.

A big thank you for your numerous messages of support.
We are looking forward to seeing you again!

If you are a programmer, please contact us and we will send you the dedicated program.

Direction and programming
Lou Colombani

Responsable of the European project More Than This
Francesca Corona

Pauline Mairone

Fesitval coordination
Pascale Reneau

Giulia Galzigni, Alice Fabbri, Pauline Mairone, Pascale Reneau

Communication, press
Julie Maraillac

Communication and production assistants
Louis Grimandi and Alexane Poggi

Technical direction
Guillaume Parmentelas

Raphaël Arnaud

Graphic design
Spassky Fischer and Manon Bruet


Video and photo report
Margaux Vendassi et François Ségallou

Traduction et interpretation
Anna Cummings

Members of the association
Sophie Lemaire
Vice president
Solange Dondi
Béatrice Simonet
Assistant treasurer
Sophie Clot
Jean Daniel

Board members
Aurélie Berthaut
Alexandre Field
Alain Fourneau
Maxime Kottmann
Sarah Olaya
Sebastien Pons
Ferdinand Richard

We need you

We invite you to make a donation to show your support for the project and to participate in its evolution.

Special thanks

To the artists for their flexibility and cooperation.
To the beautiful audience of Parallèle, which we miss.
To all our partners.
To the members of the selection committee of La Relève III.
To Arthur Eskenazi, Catherine and Jean-Michel Vendassi and Louis Colombani.
To the Institut Méditerranéen des Métiers du Spectacle, the ZEF - Scène nationale de Marseille, the Pôle Instrumental Contemporain, the Théâtre de la Cité, the Friche la Belle de Mai, and the gmem-CNCM-Marseille for their logistical support.
To the technical teams and to all the people we could forget.


The team of the Festival Parallèle answers you to +33 (0)6 63 64 25 83.